10 Affordable Airbnbs in Joshua Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my recent travels to Joshua Tree. As much as I love camping, it’s really hard to get a camping spot so I’ve resorted to Airbnbs the last couple of times. I asked you guys if you would like to see some affordable options of where to stay in JT and the response was yes, yes, yes!!

Joshua Tree is such a magical place full of magical homes and some of these homes come with a hefty price. The average home in Joshua Tree is $150 but that depends on dates, people staying, etc. Keep that in mind when searching. Here are some of my favorite affordable Joshua Tree Airbnb options.

Joshua Tree Airbnbs

Cabin Cabin Cabin

This sleeps four but is perfect for a couple.

Mid-Century Airbnb Joshua Tree

Casa Tomas

Affordable pricing and super cute! Added this one to my wishlist.

10 Affordable Airbnbs in Joshua Tree

The Desert Lodge

This is a great option for a bigger group. I priced out this home and it came to $300/night but if split between a group, it’s not that much at all. 🙂

Joshua Tree Explorer House

The aesthetic of the house for 5 is so dreamy!

JT West Parkway Cabin & Casita

At only $150 a night this is such an affordable option!

10 Affordable Airbnbs in Joshua Tree

The Phoenix House

This is an Airbnb Plus listing and it should be because it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Pink House in Joshua Tree

Adorable Pink House

This is seriously the cutest house for a getaway with your favorite girls. Sleeps 4.

Joshua Trees Copper Cabin

This is a more modern mid-century feel home. All the rooms are stunning and it has a great backyard for nights around the fire.

Coyote Cove

I’m in love with this one. I love all the wicker furniture and bohemian flare. Perk: it has a hot tub!

10 Affordable Airbnbs in Joshua Tree

Village Flat

Looking for something more spacious? This one sleeps 6 and under $200.

Did you enjoy this round up? What are your thoughts on Airbnbs? Love them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments below.

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xx // christine

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