The Hair Challenge You Have to Try

Hello lovelies! Boy have I got something exciting to share with you all! Today I’m going to spill the beans about a hair challenge that I recently finished.

My hair has literally been so soft and frizz free since starting the challenge and you’ll never guess what I’ve been washing my hair with…wait for it.


Pantene 14 Day Hair Challenge Moisture Renewal Collection

Yas girl! I couldn’t believe it either when my hair started changing for the better. It’s so funny because my grandma was a die hard Pantene lover and she had the most bouncy & beautiful hair when I was growing up. Now here I am 20 years later still impressed with Pantene’s power to completely change my hair’s feel, smell, and texture.

Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Collection has literally transformed my hair in just 2 weeks.

When I started this challenge, I wasn’t sure what to expect but my hair was pretty frizzy from the dry weather we’ve been having in San Diego. I really wasn’t having any great hair days recently so when I got the opportunity to try out Pantene’s 14 Day Challenge I knew I was all in.

Pantene 14 Day Hair Challenge Moisture Renewal Collection


So what happened to my hair in 14 days?

  • My hair was immediately so soft to the touch. Even after the first use which was pretty amazing.
  • The moisturizing formula helped tame my wild baby hairs and hairline frizz.
  • I can brush through my hair more easily now and tangles don’t stand in my way.
  • Styles with hot tools are less frequent because my hair feels amazing with just a quick brush.



These are just a couple of benefits I’ve experienced for myself. But I’m overall having more great hair days than normal.

I used to only consider a great hair day when my hair was curled or straitened perfectly. That’s what a great hair day was to me. But since taking the challenge and experiencing all the benefits of Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Collection, I’m now having great hair days without styling and this makes me so happy.

Pantene 14 Day Hair Challenge Moisture Renewal Collection Pantene 14 Day Hair Challenge Moisture Renewal CollectionI’m more confident on a day to day basis because when my hair looks fab, I feel fab!

So are you ready to take Pantene’s 14 Day Challenge? They have so many different collections to fit all different hair types. Find the best collection for your hair here.

Already use Pantene regularly? Let me know how it has helped your hair in the comments below.


*Thank you Pantene for sponsoring the post. As always, my opinions and thoughts are my own. I only share products that I love and think you will love to. 🙂


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