2020 Goals and Resolutions

2020 Goals and Resolutions

And just like that we wrapped a decade! The past 10 years have flown by and it’s crazy that that much time has passed. 10 years ago I was a different girl with different ambitions and a different life. I’m embracing the change that this decade has brought and how much I have grown and matured.

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I’m sharing my goals with you guys because, 1, it will hold me accountable and give me something to look back on and 2, I hope it will inspire you to write our your own goals and resolutions.

I really don’t like that resolutions get a bad rep because they really do help you reflect on things that you’re not happy with, want to change, or want to make better. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t make resolutions. If resolutions or goals are too much for you, just list a couple of things that you would like to change for the year. They don’t have to be big changes, they can be small changes that will improve your life.

Here are my goals and changes that I want in the upcoming year.

2020 Goals and Changes


I’m in desparate need of help in this area of my life. Being organized is something I struggle with. Don’t get me wrong, I can sit down and organize like no other mother but then in an instant I can be disorganized. So this year I want to focus on organizing all aspects of my life. From hanging up clothes to planning out blogging content in advance, organization will be a goal for me both in personal and business life.

  • Plan content ahead of time and bulk write posts.
  • Pick out my clothes the night before for work.
  • Pick up as I go throughout the week to avoid cleaning overload on the weekends.
  • Bulk shoots and planned Instagram content to avoid overwhelm. I’ll be using Tailwind App to do this this year. Tailwind allows you to plan Instagram content ahead of time and post for you during the best times of engagement with a smart schedule. You can also use hashtags, tag locations, and tag accounts on your post. It’s a great tool and I can’t wait to utilize it more in 2020.

Reduce Debt

This past year, I reduced my debt significantly because Andrew and I were in the process of buying a house. With a little bit of buckling down, I was amazed at how much debt I was able to pay down. Working full-time and the income I made through my blog helped make this possible.

I could have reduced my debt more if I had found a job sooner here in Oregon, but unfortunately I had to use a large portion of my blogging income to sustain my living expenses for a couple of months. So I wasn’t able to pay much down after we moved to Oregon.

It has been a struggle for me to get my finances down towards the end of the year. With a new job that only pays monthly, my blogging income slowing down because of my disorganization (why I need to be more organized) and overwhelm, and getting used to a mortgage has left funds tight for me.

Here are ways that I want to reduce my debt in 2020:

  • Start driving for Lyft! I have been approved to drive for Lyft and will start driving within the next week or so. I’m going to try and drive through my lunch break, a little after work on a couple of days a week, and on the weekends for a couple of hours. I will keep you all updated on how this goes for me. 🙂 If you want to drive and start earning extra cash too, use invite code CHMA242.
  • This year I want to tap into my creative side. I know a lot of you come over here to my little part of the internet for DIYs and I think I’m pretty crafty. I have some ideas for an Etsy Shop and will be brainstorming to get this passion into action for a little extra income.
  • Budgeting! I want to focus on reducing spending on unnecessary things. Food is a big one for me and eating out adds up. Andrew and I eat at home almost every night and saves us a ton every month. I want to budget for all my bills, food, entertainment (we still need to have a life), and trips with friends. Currently I use the Mint app for this and it’s really help me get a snapshot of where I’m spending my money.

Get back to a healthier me

Over the last 5 years I have gained almost 30 lbs and it’s not muscle. I believe my body is beautiful and I don’t want to shame however there was a point at the end of 2019 where I just didn’t feel healthy. I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t eating good, and I was just tired all the time.

I finally joined a gym at the end of November and have been going to Body Pump regularly, doing Zumba, and completing SWEAT workouts. Having a gym membership has really helped my exercising routine and energy levels and I really want to keep it up this year.

This whole being healthier isn’t about losing weight for me. It’s just about feeling better and having more energy to do the things I want to do. Fitness and health goals are always a good thing to keep in mind because what is life if you’re not healthy enough to do the things you want with the people you love.

  • Workout at least 5x per week and include 1 day of stretching and foam rolling.
  • Watch my snacking habits and late night eating. I love snacking and this is something I really need to get under control. It’s mostly boredom snacking so I just need to be more aware of this.
  • Do something active on the weekend whether it’s a walk around the park, a hike, or some other recreational activity.
  • Take time for myself to unwind and decompress. My mental health is a priority for me this year because last year I had one to many melt downs. Granted it was probably due to the stress from leaving my home state, my family, buying a house, and trying to find a job. But I really want to make an effort to take care of mind just as much as my body.

Personal/ Family Goals

  • Make more time with family and friends.
  • Be more present when spending time with family and less worrying about my blogging and Instagram. (I think the organization will help with this)
  • Take more photos during family get-togethers and trips with friends. I want to get a film camera too.
  • Do more art, drawing, poetry, and really tap into my love of art like I used to.
  • Nourish my relationship with Andrew and work on little things in our relationship.

I’m really excited for all the change in 2020 and for all the goals that I will tackle. I love starting a new year because it’s such a fresh start to reset and reevaluate our lives. I hope you all have a wonderful year and I look forwarded to knowing you all better through social media and over here on the blog. If you ever have questions or just want to say hi you can always DM me on Instagram or reach out via email at hello@collectivelychristine.com.

xx // christine


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