3 Benefits of Elderberry to Fight the Common Cold

Benefits of Elderberry for the Common Cold. Looking for a natural way to help your cold this season? Elderberry is your friend.
So this week started off great. Got my workouts in on Monday, did my AM workout on Tuesday, but by Tuesday night I started feeling that dreaded scratchiness in the back of my throat. You know the one that comes and either goes away the next morning or hits you like a dump truck full throttle. Well mine was the dump truck kind and it came blaring at me around 11:30 pm Tuesday night. I was in so much pain that I finally got up to gargle warm salt water and with some relief I could get a little rest. The sun came up the next morning and I felt like absolute doo doo. I debated going to work but with another girl out and no one to help cover the front desk I forced myself to go in. The morning was such a struggle and I had a throbbing headache, body aches, and my ears were killing me.

By noon I found out two other women in the office had strep throat! Streptococcus everywhere, get your masks!!! I thought to myself “Just great, I caught strep throat.” I rushed to the urgent care during my lunch break to get tested (which was hard for me to do because I avoid going to the doctors like a plague) but I had to know if I had this infectious bacterial infection. The test results were very fast and they concluded that I did NOT have strep! Yippie!!! But I did have the common cold virus and I would just have to let it ride its course.

So headed to Sprouts Farmers Market to find some natural throat soothers and immunity booster. I didn’t have congestion or runny nose but just that irritating scratchy sore throat.

I found these Organic Sambucus lozenges from Nature’s Way and man does my throat feel 80% better than what it did yesterday. These lozenges are packed with elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc. All essential for immune system boosting and fighting colds.

Today I wanted to share with my experience with elderberry and the benefits of elderberry to fight the common cold.

Immune-System Booster– Elderberries are rich in flavonoids that are famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Flavonoids can be found in most vibrant colored foods. Elderberry also includes vitamin A, B, considerable quantities of vitamin C, and amino acids. All these nutrients can allow you to stay healthy by improving your immune system.

High in Vitamin C– Elderberry also includes vitamin A, B, significant quantities of vitamin C, and amino acids. All these nutrients can allow you to stay healthy by improving your immune system.

Shortens colds and symptoms– Elderberry can help fight the common cold/flu virus and one study suggested that the flu could be shortened by 3 days. Also, when taken within 24 hours of symptoms, elderberry extract helped reduce flu symptoms significantly.

How to take Elderberry?

Elderberry comes in many forms and you can choose how you want to take it for your specific needs. It also comes in children syrup forms as well.

All of these are great ways to get this powerful berry into your body with the boost of zinc and vitamin C. If your feeling adventurous maybe you should try to make your own Elderberry syrup. Here’s the perfect guide by Real Food RN.

What are some of your home remedies for colds or natural foods to boost your immunity? I would love to hear your thoughts and special ways of doing things in the comments below.



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