5 Tips to Avoid Workout Burnout

5 tips to avoid workout burnout

By now we are well into our health and fitness routines and have either been crushing goals or not. Maybe some of you have gotten so burned out that you want to quite all together. This is totally a normal feeling and here are some of my tips to avoid workout burnout.

Tip 1: Ease Into It

Don’t go gung-ho into a crazy hard workout routine. Take it easy and set small goals that will gently set you into motion. Try a couple 25 minute sessions a week and then slowly build up from there. There’s no need to start with 1 hour sessions right off the bat and doing that can often lead to injuries.

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Tip 2: Have Variety

The most common cause of workout burnout is being bored. Doing the same thing every damn day. That’s why adding variety is so important. It keeps your body wondering.

Try adding some Crossfit style training on top of your cardio. Or if you’re a solo exerciser, try adding a group fitness class.


Tip 3: Partner Up

I don’t know about you but working out with someone makes it less dreadful. Add a workout buddy to increase motivation, accountability, and make some lasting relationships out of it.

Tip 4: Take a Rest Day

Rest! I say again REST! No not just sit on your bum all day but take a day to relax and chill. Go for a hike with your gal pals or a nice solo walk along the beach or at a park. This is so helpful at keeping you from burning out.

Tip 5: Treat Yo Self

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Treat yo self to a nice little treat that you’ve been craving. Everything in moderation is a life motto of mine. I love treating myself on rest days to a ice cold Michelob ULTRA. It’s not only low calorie (95 calories) but it’s also only has 2.6 carbs. This makes it the perfect beverage especially for those, like myself, who live a low-carb life.

5 tips to avoid workout burnout

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Good luck! Let me know what tips you have that keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.

xoxo // Christine


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