5 Tips to Getting a Better Nights Sleep

This post is sponsored by Serta. All opinions and thoughts are my own. #SleepToGo

Let’s face it, everyone loves to sleep. There’s nothing like winding down after a long day, getting into bed, and catching some zzz’s. It’s truly the best feeling. I think it’s doubly true when you think about the opposite: the feeling of not being able to fall asleep when you’re ready for bed. We’ve all been there and it’s incredibly frustrating. So let’s chat about tips to getting a better night’s sleep!



What do you sleep on? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is probably a mattress. So why would you keep an uncomfortable mattress that is (likely) over 10 years old? I don’t know, either. When we’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it can (and will) affect our entire day. There’s no reason to choose to be irritable, uncomfortable, and fatigued!

tips getting better nights sleep

“But it’s so expensive to get a new mattress, Christine.”

Is it really? Well, I guess you haven’t heard about the Serta SleepToGo so let me tell you all about it and why I switched. 🙂

I’m totally guilty of all the above: the last mattress I had was pushing close to 9 years and it was getting very uncomfortable. I tried flipping it to even out the wear, but I was still waking up with back pain due to the lack of support. That’s why I got a new mattress thanks to Serta.

I purchased Serta SleepToGo at Sam’s Club which was super convenient. They have very competitive prices and they even deliver, if you’d prefer. I opted to order it online and had it ready for pick up at my local Sam’s Club the next day. When I got to the store, the box was on wheels which makes it easy to get into your car (even small cars) and into your home.tips getting better nights sleep


The comfort and support from the Serta SleepToGo is amazing. I wake up with no aches and pains and I sleep like a baby. Ever since sleeping on this mattress, my Sleep Cycle app has been showing 90%+ sleep quality compared to my normal 60-70% before. Andrew has been dreaming too (and he never does), so that means he’s going into a deep sleep as well.

If you’re interested in getting this mattress, head over to Sam’s Club! There’s even going to be an additional $100 off from February 28th – March 25th! The total cost? $399+tax! Seriously y’all- you shouldn’t have a reason to sacrifice your sleep for that old, beat up mattress.


Most handheld electronics or televisions give off blue light that interrupts your circadian rhythm. It tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, hindering your ability to fall asleep. So try to avoid using electronics 2 hours prior to bedtime. You can also use apps that block blue light on electronics, toggle your Night Shift setting, or even get glasses that block blue light if you have to use them.


Working out makes you feel energized and awake- so don’t do it late at night! Try to work out in the a.m. or right after work. If you work out right after work (for me this would be 5/6pm), then try not to take any pre-workouts or energizing drinks that will continue to affect your ability to sleep long after your workout has ended!


In my mind, the bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy. That’s it! Having electronics, clutter, unnecessary noise, or bright lights can really disrupt your sleeping environment. Sometimes it helps to set the scene: so make sure your bedroom is quiet, relaxing, and clean.


I know, I know… naps are nice but they can really mess with your sleep cycle! If you have a 8-5 job like I do, you have no choice but to be awake all day. If you don’t, and do have time during the day to take a nap, try to get up, go outside, and do something stimulating to get your body moving (and tucker you out for later when you should go to sleep).

Bonus Tip: Listen to your body! It always knows what’s best.

Sleep tight!

xoxox // Christine



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