A Week of Reflection on Black Lives Matter

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This past week has rattled my bones and the country. It has been a week of revolution, change, and digging deep into Systematic Racism. I became aware of this issue after watching 13th on Netflix, a documentary where scholars, activists and politicians analyze the criminalization of African Americans and the U.S. prison boom. After watching it, I was pretty upset but then life went on and I didn’t take action because what could I do?

Then George Floyd was murdered in the streets of Minneapolis, crying out for his mama in the last moments of his life. This really shook me to my core and as the video spread if shook the rest of the world too. And now we’re here, 2 weeks later and the world is being changed.

I spoke about my thoughts on this post on Instagram.

I have done a lot of self reflection within the past week to acknowledge my own racism, my own privilege, and how I could help. I spent a week amplifying voices (and will continue to) that wouldn’t be heard otherwise, sharing information that wouldn’t be seen, and joining in on making a change for the better.

As human beings we don’t have to agree on everything but we can agree that human beings should all be treated fairly despite their color. Mothers shouldn’t have to continually tell their daughters they are beautiful because they think they’re ugly based on what society has made them believe. Families shouldn’t have to burry their loved ones who were just going about their day. Sons, Fathers, Uncles, and Brothers should have to worry about how they look as they walk down the street. This should not be happening but it is right in our own backyards.

I do not stand for this and I pledge to myself and all of you that I will be vigilant in my anti-racism efforts till Justice and Peace is achieved for POC (People of Color).

How can you help?

Like I said, when I first watched 13th a couple of years ago I didn’t make an effort to listen, learn, or find ways to help out. But as the Black Lives Matter movement gains exposure and traction we have no excuse to act.

Sign Petitions: Petitions help immensely and get law makers and political figures to address issues that its citizens are demanding.

Don’t forget to share those petitions on social media and with your friends.

Donate: Donating to organizations can help fund the activism that is already a struggle for these organizations.

Here are some of the places I have personally donated to:

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Equal Justice Initiative

Black Lives Matter

Grassroots Law Project

Color of Change

Read: Knowledge is power and when we can be open minded to situation we know nothing about and shift our mindset that is Enlightenment. These are just a couple that are on my list to read.

White Fragility -Robin Dianglo, PHD (just ordered this and can’t wait to read)

The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

How to Be Anti-Racist – Ibram X. Kendi

The Color of Law -Richard Rothstein

So You Want to Talk About Race? – Ijeoma Oluo

Listen: Listen to podcast, YouTube videos, and other outlets from activist of the BLM movement. Head to this instagram post to see a ton of other ways to educate yourself about BLM.

I hope you have taken some time to reflect and educate yourself on the current injustices that are making their way to the surfaces. This is not a time to be silent, but a time to speak out for those who’s voices can’t be heard.

Some questions that I found on Instagram that I think are great for reflections:

Why do we feel the need to clarify that we aren’t racist?

What are some ways that I have been racist without being aware of it? This can be jokes, clutching your purse when you pass a POC, etc. Think outside of the box and recognize these things.

Do you wish you were a black person living in the United States right now? Why?

Are you dismissing fact that are being presented in support of BLM? Why?

Are you more enraged about property being damaged or the loss of a human life?

What are some ways that you feel personally should change to support POC?

It’s important to look into ourselves and challenge our thinking and question ourselves and also to have these discussions at home. It’s hard to accept change when this is all we’ve known our whole lives but there needs to be change to move forward.

I am hopeful that the progress made in 2020 will pave the way to a new future in America and a new way of thinking.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what’s going on right now and have a peaceful discussion down below. Stay safe and be well.



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