#AwareWithPink Friday Five

Today is a special #AwareWithPink Friday Five post. I want to share with you the five things that help me feel more aware and empowered. It is important for us, as women, to be aware and in tune with our bodies. 1 in 8 (12%) of women in the US will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Early detection can be a lifesaver. So get your tatas checked with your annual health exam. You can also perform a self-exam at home. 

Not only is it important to be aware but also to be empowered. You own your body, no one else. So be empowered to be stronger, healthier and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. 

Now let me share my top five ways to stay aware and empowered as I travel on this journey called life. 

#AwareWithPink Friday Five

1. Exercise

Exercise not only makes me feel good about my body but I feel better physically and mentally. I’m accomplishing something good for myself while letting out all the stressors and negativity that can build up throughout the day. This is one of my favorite ways to become more empowered. 

2. Music

I love music. Mostly country but when I’m running I love music that makes me feel empowered, strong and has a good beat. A couple of them are: 

  • “Confident”- Demi Lavato
  • “Fire In Your Shoes” –  Kaskade 
  • “Run the World (Girls)” – Beyoncรฉ
  • “Coastin'” – Zion I –>My favorite! Guarantee will put you in a good mood. 
  • “Walk of Life” – Dire Straits (Oldie but goodie)


These are great to listen to during a run with a pair of AfterShokz

3. Getting Out of the City

Being out in nature always helps me get in touch with myself and makes me more aware of my feelings and thoughts. I love camping and getting out of town. San Diego is so busy all the time so it’s nice to slow life down and enjoy the simple things in life. 

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4. Good Reads

I love reading good books about self-esteem and self-worth. It realigns my perspective and helps me to be kinder to myself. Us as women are very hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up over little things like enjoying a sweet treat that’s not in your diet regulations or missing workouts because  you just need a break. Life happens and we shouldn’t go through it having all kinds of limits and restrictions. It’s all about balance in all areas of your life. Some of my favorite reads lateley have been: 

  • “The Body Book” – Cameron Diaz: There’s Something about Cameron that I just love. Her realness and how she explains her approach to strength and loving your body. 
  • “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body” – Kate Hudson: Another actress who brings light to the importance of loving yourself. 
  • “Aim True” – Kathryn Budig: Kathryn is a yoga teacher and insperational speaker. I love this book because it’s filled with positive thoughts, recipes, and fun photos. She tackles four major sections in the book: Loving your body, Eat without fear, Nourish your spirit, and Discover true balance. She does such a great job touching on each of these topics. Also, I love this boldly honest talk about body shaming and how she overcame it.  

5. My Mom

Although she may not be here anymore, she still lives on through all that I do. She battled stage IV breast cancer in 1998 and beat it! She was always so strong and confident in everything she did. Although a different cancer took over and took her from us, she remained so positive till the very end. I’m inspired by her fight, her drive, her caring heart, and kindness to be the best person I can be in my lifetime. Taking care of myself is something she would have wanted me to continue to do and that’s what I’m doing. Expanding my knowledge of fitness and holistic health has been because of her. So don’t forget, thank those around you for empowering you to be a better person. Thank them for the inspiration and motivation they give you. Because of them you are achieving great things. 


Well darlings, I hope you enjoyed my #AwareWithPink Friday Five. I hope it has given you some inspiration and empowerment to go out there and kick some hard core booty! ๐Ÿ™‚
What are some of your favorite things that empower you or that help you be more aware? 
 Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 


  1. October 27, 2016 / 12:28 PM

    Love this!! I totally agree, all 5 of these things make me feel empowered! Especially exercise and time with family. Your Mom seems like a very strong woman! <3

    • collectivelychristine@gmail.com
      November 14, 2016 / 12:36 PM

      Thank you. She was. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. August 10, 2017 / 3:35 PM

    Exercise does wonders for your mental and physical health. I couldn’t agree more!

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