Bundling Up: My Favorite Jackets

My Favorite Jackets

Well. I guess the usual warm weather of San Diego has gone and sailed away. We’re always so late to hit the season but I haven’t seen it this cold since like 2008!

Temps are plummeting, the surrounding mountains are covered and snow and I’m cold AF! So I thought it was a perfect time to show you my favorite jackets!

No. 1: Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are a staple. I have three jean jackets: a sherpa one, light denim one, and oversized boyfriend one. I love jean jackets because they go with almost everything. For layering denim on demin, I like to mix up the shades of denim I’m wearing to it creates more contrast.

No. 2: Pea Coat

I love pea coats especially when I want to dress up a little more. They are great for a date night or to a company party or even a cold day at the office. Here are some of my favorites.

No. 3: Teddy Coats

Teddy coats are not only stylish but they are super cute and cozy. There are so many styles of teddy coats to choose from but here are the styles I love the most.

No. 4: Utility and Outdoorsy Jackets

I’m a big fan of the great outdoors so having a jacket that will keep me warm is something that is important to me. Carhartt is probably my most loved rugged/ outdoor jacket brand but here some more that I absolutely love.

What are some of your favorite jacket brands? LMK 🙂

xx // christine


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