DIY Deer Silhouette Wall Art {Free Printable}


So Andrew and I are nature loving and earthy people. Obsessed with camo, earth tones, and country decor, I thought it would be fitting to add a little deer silhouette wall art to our very plain room. I’m trying to liven it up one piece at a time and it has been a work in progress adding my touch since I moved into the man cave 😉 

I searched the internet for deer wall art and found a great deal of products. I found some deer silhouette frame art on Etsy that I loved but didn’t want to pay $35 per piece. I was confidant that I could figure out how to make them using this brain of mine and I did! The only problem I had was finding a silhouette printable to use to trace my deer. So I made one myself and you can download it here

Here’s what you will need for this project:

  1. Frames {I got each of these for $5.49 with a coupon I had from Jo-Ann Fabric}
  2. Deer Silhouette Stencil Printable —> Download
  3. Scrapbook paper {2 colors} one for the background and one for the deer silhouette. 
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue stick

Once you have your supplies you are ready to begin

Step 1: Cut out your deer silhouette stencil 


Step 2: Tape and trace your deer silhouette onto your scrapbook paper. For this I put them right side down and traced them on the non-printed side of my paper so that I wouldn’t get pencil marks on the pretty side. Make sure to put the stencil right side down, this will ensure the deer will be facing each other. 


DSC_0061Step 3: Once you’ve traced your deer cut them out and you should end up with two deer facing each other with the pretty side of you paper facing up. 




Step 4: Trace the frame size onto your second color of scrapbook paper and cut. I used the glass from the frames to trace the perfect rectangle.DSC_0070

Step 5: Almost done! Just paste your silhouettes in the center of your background paper and place in the frame. DSC_0072


And we’re done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 😀 Now you can hang your masterpiece and display it with pride. I had Andrew help me hang them above our bed to spruce up our plain white wall. It sill needs a little more but I think they fit perfectly with our camo, yes camo, comforter. 


I hope you enjoyed this DIY deer silhouette wall art tutorial and don’t forget to snag your free printable here. Have a great Wednesday ya’ll.  



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