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DIY One Year Anniversary Scrapbook

I’m a huge DIY-er and I love making homemade gifts for people I love. I decided (at short notice) to make my boyfriend a DIY one year anniversary scrapbook of our year together. It was a nice trip down memory lane and looking back on the great times we had last year. And, he absolutely loved it! This would be a great project for any anniversary or even make one every year for your little one so they can look back on their years when they are older. The sky’s the limit for this little scrapbook idea, so get to crafting!

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This project is really simple and all you need is a little creativity and your supplies. First, you need to get your pictures organized. I used envelopes to organize my pictures into months so I didn’t get confused with when they were taken. Once, you have that tackled, you can start folding and cutting your cardstock in half. I only used about 8 pages [front and back]. So the amount of card stock depends on how many pictures you’re including and what other things you want to include. I had a ton of pictures but decided to just pick my favorite from each month. It’s your creation so customize to your liking 🙂

Now the fun part! Cutting, gluing, and decorating.

I did my cover first. It took me a couple tries to get it just right because I was being a little perfectionist. But homemade isn’t perfect and that’s what makes it special. You give it your own unique touch with little quirks here and there.

I started organizing pictures on pages and gluing them. I filled empty space with wording and scrapbook stickers. I tried to find stickers that related to events and the style I was going for. Speaking of stickers…Let me tell you about the struggle of picking out scrapbook stickers!  I took over an hour looking for the perfect stickers and combinations…Michael’s has so many options. If you don’t want to waste too much time go on your hunt with a plan and a list of what you’re looking for.

Once you’re done with all your pages just tie them together with color coordinating ribbon and trim the ribbon.  I choice a gold ribbon because my cover was brown with gold lettering and I think that went best together. I also thought of weaving the ribbon through the holes too but maybe for my next scrapbook gift. Have fun with your project and remember the person who is receiving it will cherish it forever!♡

My finished book.



What are your favorite DIY gifting projects that you’ve gifted?

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XOXO, Christine