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Andrea McCoy Disconnected SalonAs many of you know, I got my hair permanently dyed for the very first time last November. I loved they way it came out but slowly the color started to change, my hair was getting super brittle and I was in desperate need of a hair cut. A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Andrea McCoy from Disconnected Salon in North Park to do a collaboration. Of course I said yes!

Andrea McCoy Disconnected Salon


Andrea McCoy Disconnected Salon


This salon is in the heart of North Park and easy to find. It has a very vibrant atmosphere and a little bar you can sit at and enjoy some coffee while you wait for your appointment. Although I wasn’t waiting long.

Andrea greeted me right away and we started chatting about my problems and what I wanted done for my appointment. After chatting about it, we decided to do a deep conditioning, a gloss, and a hair trim.

I was really excited to have my hair feeling nice and healthy again because I mean look at this…my before pictures are absolutely horrendous! I don’t know why I didn’t get this sooner.



Andrea McCoy Disconnected Salon


Andrea McCoy Disconnected Salon

What a difference right? I’m absolutely in love with my fresh hair cut and gloss treatment. It was actually my first time getting a gloss treatment and I’ll definitely be doing it again. The deep conditioning treatment was amazing and really left my hair feeling so soft. And the hair cut…well let’s be honest I was WAAAAY overdue for one and will definitely be getting them more frequently to help my hair grow healthier and longer.


Andrea was seriously the best. She was so sweet and really gave me so much info on what she was going to be doing on my hair. At no point was I nervous or confused which is a big plus for me.

She styled my hair with some amazing products listed here:

My hair looked beautiful into the late evening and it even held up through a 3 hour photo shoot. I was so impressed with these products.

Andrea McCoy Disconnected Salon


If you’re looking for a new salon to try or if you just moved to San Diego, I highly recommend seeing Andrea at Disconnected Salon. You seriously won’t be disappointed.  ??

xx // christine


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