Growing My Winter Accessories

My Favorite Winter Accessories

It’s been quite the adjustment moving from Southern California to a place where we get all the seasons. I have had to adjust my wardrobe accordingly and have needed to add some much needed winter accessories.

I’ve come to learn that I actually need scarves, gloves, and beanies. These are things that I only needed a couple of times a year, if that haha! So it’s been a work in progress building my winter accessories without dropping fat coin all at once. I always have my eye out for sales and deals this winter so that I can slowly build my collection of all the winter things!

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Favorite Winter Accessories

My Favorite Winter Accessories


Scarves are essential to winter. Scarves keep you warm and can be worn a number of ways. You also have different styles of scarves like the one I’m wearing above and then larger ones like blanket scarves. I prefer traditional scarves but I’ve seen some really cute outfits with blanket scarves too! Here are some that I have and some on my wish list.

My Favorite Winter Accessories


Beanies have been my obsession when it comes to winter accessories. I just can’t get enough. But instead of buying every single cute beanie out there, I try to think about my current wardrobe and what colors would be the best. My essentials that I think everyone should have is a white, black, and grey beanie. Those colors go with everything from neutral to patterns and bright colors. Here are some that I have added to:


Gloves and mittens have been my least favorite thing to buy. I feel like the are more practical instead of stylish. I only have 3 pairs one from Costco that are running gloves, some fleece black ones that I found at Goodwill, and some Isotoner touch screen ones that I bought with some Kohl’s Cash that I had!

If you have some cute gloves share them in the comments below because I need help in this area. Here are some that I found that are affordable and cute.


I love headbands for days where it’s not cold enough for beanies but you still want that warmth for your ears. That is one of the worst feelings, is your ears being cold. It downright hurts when the wind blows on them, right? I found some cute ones on Amazon and Target.

What winter accessories are your favorite? What are your favorite stores to shop? Let me know in the comments below!

xx // christine


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