Hiking the Comfortable Way

I love hiking whether it’s a 3 mile hike or a 13 mile hike. But if you don’t have the right shoes, scratch that, the right insoles then it’s not very fun. I’ve been on a couple of long hikes without the proper shoes and insoles and it made for a very uncomfortable couple of hours.

So how do you find the right insoles? Well you don’t find them, you have the made. Exactly for your feet.

I’m so excited to partner with Wiivv to bring you the perfect insoles for your next adventure. Did I mention they’re custom made?

comfortable hiking insoles wiivv review

These insoles are pretty amazing and easy to order in a couple of steps.

Easy as 1, 2, 3


  • First you head to their website here.
  • Navigate to Insoles and choose your length. I got the full-length and they fit perfectly in my Merrell boots.
  • Then the fun part: choose your pattern and shell color. I did floral and coral for a more feminine feel.
  • Order them and that’s it! You’ll receive an email to download their app with easy instructions on how to take photos of your feet so that they can customize them just for you because not every foot is the same.


comfortable hiking insoles wiivv review

Once you get your customized insoles you will see the uniqueness of them. It’s really crazy how they can take the photos that you send them from the app and create custom insoles. They even put your name on it for even more personalizing.

comfortable hiking insoles wiivv review

They are really comfortable insoles made just for your foot. It look a little getting used to for a couple of mins because my feet weren’t used to so much support. But after that they were the perfect fit for a perfect hike! No blisters, no plantar fasciitis, no pain! Yay! ??

My Wiivv’s have taken my hiking to a whole other level of confort. I can now hike longer without having my feet scream at me. It makes such a difference, especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day long. You really want that support to get you through your hikes, walks, or even long days at work.

After my hike I slipped into my custom made sandals from Wiivv! Yup they even make sandals! So if you don’t need insoles but where sandals a lot, try them out.

comfortable hiking insoles wiivv review comfortable hiking insoles wiivv review

Peace out folks and take care of your footsies. You only get one pair, so you better take care!


**Thank you Wiivv for sponsoring this posts. As always, I only talk about brands that I support and think you would love. All opinions, images, and thoughts are always my own.

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