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When it comes to helping out the planet, I always try to find new ways to use sustainable products, shop brands that support the environment, and recycle as much as possible. These are just small actions that can make a big impact and that’s why I buy these household essentials by Kimberly Clark that support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Buying these household essentials on Amazon.com not only give back to WWF but help you save money over time with the Subscribe & Save feature. 

Toilet Paper

household essentials heart your planet amazon

We need toilet paper! It’s a home essential that we can’t do without. Cottonelle is one of the brands that are partnering with the WWF and FSC to drive awareness of responsible forestry. This partnership is part of the Heart Your Planet initiative. Now when I purchase toilet paper, I know that I’m supporting my environment too. 


This is a must-have household item that you need on hand, especially during the winter months. I put them in every bathroom and also have boxes near by the living room. You can never have too much Kleenex. Don’t forget you can save up to $2.50 on Kleenex with Subscribe & Save. I love this feature on Amazon because you can set up the frequency and how much you want to purchase. I love it because I never run out of important household essentials. 


household essentials heart your planet amazonAMAZON WWF HEART YOUR PLANET

Paper towels are another household item that I purchase frequently and love to save on. These items can add up quick at the store, that’s why I use Subscribe & Save. I feel good about my purchases because brands like Scott and Viva and the ones mentioned above are dedicated to support WWF’s efforts to protect the forest and other critical ecosystems. 

So know that by purchasing these products, you are making a positive impact. Just look for these logos to support the Heart Your Planet initiative. 



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