How to Incorporate Brown Into Your Fall Wardrobe

How to incorporate brown into your fall wardrobe

Brown. It’s not a color that I would say I would be in love with, but I am. Over the years I have slowly found my style. I have been drawn to earthy tones of white, cream, browns, and even oranges. I never would think that brown would be a staple color in my wardrobe but it is making an appearance more and more.

How to incorporate brown into your fall wardrobe

I use to find it difficult to add brown to my outfits and I had a stupid guy (ex) who told me it was a fashion no-no to wear brown and black together. So I’ve always avoided this like my life depended on it and I wish I hadn’t.

But my advice to you “where whatever the heck you want!” That includes wearing brown with black!

How to incorporate brown into your fall wardrobe

How to incorporate brown into your fall wardrobe


Chunky sweaters and brown tees are my favorite ways to add brown to my fall outfits. I snagged this chunky sweater (pictured above) from T.J.Maxx in town and I’m in love with how cozy it is! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Here are some other tops I’ve purchased:


Brown bottoms can be a little more difficult to style, in my opinion. But are so so cute when you paired with the right top and accessories. I loving wearing brown pants with either a white or cream top. If it’s a lighter shade of brown, black can be added too. 🙂




When I think of brown and footwear, I always think of boots and sandals. You don’t really see a ton of sneakers that are brown or other cute footwear for fall. In the outfit above I’m wearing the most comfortable combat boots by Taos Footwear. They are a little more on the spendy side but they are meant to last and I’m all for quality of quantity.


Ok! So accessories! If you’re following me on Instagram, you know I’m a girl who loves hats! Hats are my jam but not for everyone. Gigi Pip has the best selection, in my opinion, and are so so cute. I have the Monroe hat in Oatmeal and Brown. Also if you use code COLLECTIVELYCHRISTINE you can get free expedited shipping! 😀

Other accessories you can add is scarves, headbands, and clips (like the one I have in my hair).

I really hope this post will inspire you to add a little brown to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to play around with this color and also head to Pinterest for inspiration. I love finding inspiration for outfits there and save them for later.


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