I’m a Navy Veteran

maurices #mauriceslovesveterans navy veteran

*Thank you maurices for sponsoring this post and helping me spread the word about military appreciation. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Hi! I’m Christine and I’m a Navy Veteran. Yes little ol’ me served 4 years in the U.S. Navy.

To say “I learned a lot” while serving in the military is putting it lightly. My entire world was completely shifted. I went from a little hometown girl to an 18 year old setting out on her own for the first time. This new life I was experiencing was filled with a new job on an Aircraft Carrier, new interactions with all types of personalities, and new countries to travel to.

maurices #mauriceslovesveterans navy veteran

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Being in the military has been one of my greatest accomplishments because at parts of my service I didn’t think I would make it another day. Each day was different. Some easier than others. Sometimes I worked 18 hour days and others I was off exploring different countries for a couple of days. It was a lot of work but rewarding too.

While I was in the Navy, I experienced so much Military appreciation. From getting moved to first class while traveling in my uniform to a cup of coffee bought for me at Starbucks. The homecomings were my favorite though. It was such a sight to see a sea of people waiting for our return after 6 months. I always had strangers thanking me and welcoming me home.

maurices #mauriceslovesveterans navy veteran

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It’s little appreciations like that made me so proud to be a part of the United States Navy.

That’s why Military appreciation is so important to me. My heart gets overwhelmed with joy when I see active duty and veterans appreciated in the community. I’ve experienced this appreciation first hand at events, during shopping, dining, and even in my hometown.

One of these experiences is with maurices. They offer affordable clothing and honor all veterans, active duty and their families with a 10% discount 365 days a year. They understand that the men and women that serve in the military deserve this appreciation because the struggles and work they’ve put in to protect this country.

maurices #mauriceslovesveterans navy veteran maurices #mauriceslovesveterans navy veteran

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You too can show appreciation to our military all year round with random acts of kindness, volunteering, or even just a simple thank you.

How are you appreciating our military members and veterans? Be sure to follow me on Instagram and be on the lookout for my maurices story highlight with a military thank you template so you can thank someone special to you.




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