New Year, New Hair

Happy New Year Darlings! How was your Holiday? I had a great time in Minnesota with my man’s family. I got to walk on a frozen lake, see cuddly animals, and drink amazing beer from Leinenkugel’s Brewery. But now I’m back to reality and those fun times are now just memories. 

This year I have a lot of goals. I don’t like to call them “resolutions” because I’m not really resolving anything. I’m more or less just continuing what I started to work on in 2016. 

Eating healthy, working out, these are all common goals for us every year but a new one that I want to add is taking better care of my skin and hair. Main goal: have mermaid hair. Seriously! I’ve been trying to grow my hair out since I chopped it off last year around this time. I’ve made about 7″ of progress and I’m damn proud of that. 

Now for the next couple of months I will be taking all the biotin I can get my hands on and using my favorite shampoo and conditioner by HASK Hair.

I’ve loved HASK Hair products since the moment I tried it and have been a devout user trying all the varieties of hair care products. So when I got the chance to collaborate with them on two new collections I was all over it! 

HASK Hair Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection

I have tried many of their collections but this has to be my all time favorite. I have very “fluffy” hair especially when I air dry and this shampoo helps my hair stay relaxed and fights frizz. 

This collection is packed with five superfruits: Papaya, Mangosteen Oil, Acai Berry, Cupuacu Butter, and Dragon Fruit. The smell of the products is very fruity and tropical. It’s my favorite smelling HASK Hair Collections since the Monoi Coconut Collection. 

After using this shampoo and conditioner duo religiously for 2 weeks, my hair was so smooth, silky, and very shiny. The mangosteen oil is known for it’s glossy powers and I could definitely see it working after a couple of uses. 

So because I like to try everything out for a long while before I review it, I have a #2 collection here.

HASK Hair Chia Seed Oil Collection

Let’s just start off by say this one was not so good for my “fluffy” hair. I don’t have voluminous hair or flat hair. I’m somewhere caught in the middle of needing volume but keeping the silky and soft strands. 

The smell of this one also didn’t make me want to board a cruise ship and set sail to the Caribbean. I know it’s because it’s just chia seed oil and you know what chia seeds smell like? A whole lot of nothing lol. So I can’t really be mad about it. 

So I tried it out for a couple of weeks after I had been using the Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection and this is what I though. It definitely gave me body and bouce. It gave my hair a very wavy look while keeping my frizz at bay. This would perfect for anyone with lifeless locks.

I loved the moisturizing boost in this collection. Sometimes you can have so much moisture in products that it weighs your hair down or leaves it feeling greasy. Well not with the Chia Seed Oil Collection. It did exactly the opposite, it gave me uplifting volume. 

I probably won’t be purchasing this one in the future but if you have very thin hair and struggle with any kind of volume then this one is definitely for you. 

So who else is ready to grow out their hair and have it looking healthy and radiant? 

Have you tried HASK Hair before?

What are some of your goals (any) this year?

Let me know in the comments below. 

xoxo, christine

**This post was sponsored by HASK Beauty. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support my blog. (Read Disclosure)



  1. January 7, 2017 / 7:37 AM

    Hi christine,
    Since you are focusing on hair this month, would you consider sampling our advance hair skin nails vitamins? Packed with natural vitamins and herbs, and 5000 mg of biotin, it is an effective formula for hair health and growth.

    Loved this post and I’m going to try the chia shampoo and conditioner for my fine curly hair. Thanks for the tip!

    I’d be happy to zip a sample off to you , as I am currently in San Diego. RMB Naturals, rmbnaturals.com

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