Poppy Fields of Walker Canyon

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to check out the beautiful poppy fields of Walker Canyon. My friend Nicole and I started our morning bright and early at 4 am on Saturday in hopes of beating the crowd.

We arrived at Walker Canyon just a little bit before 6 am as the sun slowly started to rise over the hills of Lake Elsinore. To our surprise there were already a lot of people hiking up the trail to check out the super bloom.

We’re both a fan of nature but not crowds so this was as good as we were going to get to beat any crowds.

The hills were alive! They were covered with white, orange, purple, and yellow blooms. We trekked up the trails through walker canyon and enjoyed the cool temps and crispness of the morning.

I wanted to get some photos among the flowers without harming them or squishing them. This is such an amazing super bloom due to our late wet winter and I want everyone to enjoy it.

​​​​​​​Influencers and bloggers are getting such hate and a bad rep for destroying the fields. But obviously it’s not only influencers and blogger but people in general that just don’t have a lot of common sense. There were over 50,000 people that visited Walker Canyon this weekend, so keep that in mind when trying to visit.

Here are some other things to remember:

  1. DO NOT SIT, LAY, STAND, OR TRAMPLE the poppies here. It is disrespectful to the flowers, environment, and the surrounding city that these hills are home too.
  2. Stay on trails and dirt paths. Walker Canyon is a large Ecological Preserve. You can check out AllTrails to see all the marked trails that actually branch off from the main hiking trail.
  3. You can look but don’t touch. Don’t pick the flowers as your prop. Go to the store and bring your own flowers as props or go to Michael’s and buy fake flowers. The poppies aren’t at your disposal.
  4. Hike in. There are hundreds and thousands of people visiting the poppy fields so get there early and hike in a ways. It’s the only way to actually enjoy the silence with no one in sight.

So now that you have some ground rules, go explore to your little hearts content. These are some of the captures that I got from my visit to the Walk Canyon Poppy Fields.

Walker Canyon Poppy Fields 2019
Walker Canyon Poppy Fields 2019
Walker Canyon Poppy Fields 2019

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