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If you’ve been here for a while, you know 2019 was my year to start cleaning up my makeup and skincare routine. So far it has been an amazing journey and you all have been loving my recommendations. That’s why I have to share Heritage Store Rose line with you.

If you’re into clean and healthy products, you probably have heard of Heritage store. The offer a wide range of products to help you live a healthy and beautiful life by using only the best ingredients. They are also the OG of rose water and have been around for over 50 years!

My favorite product that they have is the Rose Water and Glycerin spray! It seriously should be in every girls bag, purse, and backpack! I love the light rose scent and it gives my skin the perfect pick me up, mid day. It also provides amazing hydration and is a must for when the weather starts to get dry out.

They also make a rose water spray that is made with two ingredients: Rose Hydroessential Oil and Water. You can use it just like the Rose Water & Glycerin spray. Sometimes if I don’t wash my face first thing in the morning, I’ll spray a little Heritage Store Rose Water just to give me that fresh feeling.

Take it an extra step after a long day by using Heritage Store Rose Water Facial Toner. It is oil free and tones and tightens skin without drying it out. This line of products is amazing and I have been using the Rose Water for years now. It is a product I will never give up.

Are you ready to add Heritage Store Rose Water products to your skin care routine? Have you tried them before? Let me know in the comments below.

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xx // Christine


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