Simple Hostess Gift Ideas for Holiday Parties



Holiday season is in full effect and the party invites are rolling in every week. I just hosted an Ugly Sweater party this past weekend and we had a blast. I love when my friends and family bring gifts and I never attend a holiday party without bringing a gift for the host/hostess. 

Here are simple gift ideas to bring your host/hostess this holiday. 

simple hostess gift ideassimple hostess gift ideas


Barware is a great gift for the host/hostess. You already know they like to entertain, so having some unique barware pieces always impresses. I love these copper coupe cocktail glasses from the Absolut Elyx Boutique.

Visit Absolut Elyx Boutique


simple hostess gift ideas

No one likes a party goer that comes empty handed. If you’re thinking of bringing a bottle of liquor, I highly recommend Absolut Elyx. It has seriously blown me away with it’s smooth finish and quality. Now you can bring a bottle for your host/hostess but in a musical tin that is so darling. You can pre-order it here!

The Absolut Elyx Musical Tin includes a bottle of Absolut Elyx for only $39 + $1 shipping promotion! Get it now!

More about Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx is the luxury expression of Absolut and the world’s first single estate copper crafted luxury vodka. This vodka is very unique and high quality. The whole production takes place within 15 miles from seed to bottle to ensure quality and guarantee traceability. To give Elyx it’s unique silky smooth finish, it undergoes a process called copper catalyzation. The hand operated copper still from 1921 involves traditional skills and techniques that only few know. That’s what makes it one of a kind! 

Absolut is not just about quality but about what they represent as a company. They always act with integrity, even when nobody is watching, and this truly reinforces their luxury status. For every bottle of Absolut Elyx purchased in the United States, Absolut donates a weeks work of safe drinking water to those in need through their partnership Water for People. That’s pretty awesome! 

So don’t forget to check out Absolut Elyx Boutique or the Musical Tin. I promise your host/hostess will love it or if you’re not attending any parties then treat yo self 😉 . 


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