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Snowy Owl Christmas Wreath {DIY}

With only a couple more weeks until Christmas, I thought it was about time that I take my spring wreath down and replace it with a Christmas wreath! Yes I said “take my spring wreath down” and I’m slightly embarrassed haha.

I swear you guys, it literally feels like it was just spring and the whole year pretty much got away from me. But I won’t let winter come without a winter wreath so here it is!

I saw these wreaths at World Market as was inspired to create my own version. 


This was such an easy project and I’m pretty impress that it came out the way it did. 



Cute the faux fur in strips. I only used two strips to cover my wreath. 


You’re going to add glue and start to wrap your fur around your wreath adding glue as you go. 

Note: You will use a lot of glue! I used about 5 sticks with my mini glue gun. 

You’ll just go around and around until you have the wreath fully covered. 


Once your wreath is fully covered, start to attach the twigs and pine sprigs. I left some room in between for the pine cones. 

Make it how you would like. It doesn’t have to be perfect or a certain way. Obviously the twigs from our yard were a bit straight compared to the inspiration but that was ok. 

I then added the owl. You will have to hold it in place while the glue dries and keep adding some to get it to stay in place. Like I said it doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s trial and error. So do what works for you. I put the pine cones on last to cover up the owls feet. 

Here’s my finished wreath! 🙂

I think it came out pretty darn good and it cost me under $15 with Joanne’s coupons and sales. Now I finally have a wreath to hang up and put me in a festive mood for my Ugly Sweater Christmas Party this weekend.