Top 10 Apps for Home Fitness

Hey guys! Hope all is well! Is anyone else feeling super groggy from the time change? I feel like my body just hasn’t gotten used to it yet. I guess I should be patient and give it a couple of weeks. So if you follow me on IG or any other social media network, you know I love fitness apps! Like so much that I don’t have a gym membership and solely use the equipment I have at home. 😉

If you not sure what equipment to buy, check out this post. I talk about home gym essentials and what to buy.

There are a ton of fitness apps out there and it can be quite overwhelming sometimes to decide what to get. So I’m going to give you the low down on my top 10 apps for home fitness and what I like and what I don’t like. So let’s jump right in!

Top 10 Apps for Home Fitness


top 10 apps for home fitness


This is my favorite app currently. You can get a great workout with just the basic version of the app or even more if you have some equipment. There are daily workouts suggested for you including a warm up, strength training move, HIIT workout and cool down. I really like this structure and the strength training is helping me with my goals that I set this year.

The workouts are “CrossFit” style workouts and are very intense but a short amount of time. If you have dumbbells, a jump rope, and a box this app would be perfect for you!

This used to be a free app when I first got it but now if you want the full library of workouts then it’s a small monthly subscription of $11.99 or you can get 1 year for $79.99 ($6/month). To me, the price is worth it for my goals.



Gixo is awesome, plain and simple. I especially love it for cardio work and training. I worked with GIXO a couple of months back on a #IAmLimitless campaign and I absolutely fell in love.

The cool thing about Gixo is that it’s live! Real people in real-time and a coach that is motivating you throughout the workout. I’m not really a runner anymore but this app has really helped me find a love for running again.


My favorite workouts are the Endurance Run/Walk and Speed Training (sprints). Along with running they have core, strength, and quick cardio classes too. They also just launched a run club that takes place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

top 10 apps for home fitness

I don’t really have any complaints about this app except that it’s $19/month or $14.99 if you pay for a year. Which still isn’t bad compared to some gym memberships.

If you like having someone to motivate you during a workout and enjoy community then this is the app for you. Don’t forget you can try it free for 1 month to decide if it’s a right fit for you. ???

10 best apps for home fitness


This app is so good if you’re looking for an all in 1 type of app and a bonus it’s free, always! There are HIIT and Interval Training workouts based on all levels and you can filter by equipment that you have available too.

My favorite thing about NTC is that you can create plans based on the goals you’re trying to achieve, your skill level, and how much you want to workout. It creates a custom plan with workouts for you to do each week and if you don’t like the schedule just move things around until you’re happy. 🙂

The workouts are on the longer side, 30-45 mins, which is great but sometimes you just want a short workout and I haven’t really found any short ones I really like besides their core workouts. This app is pretty much for anyone and all skill levels.



Sworkit was probably one of the first apps I started using. It has a handful of free and good workouts. You can set how long you want the workout to be and how long your transition to each move is. But that’s pretty much it.

To add more customization like plans, unlimited workout library, duration of moves, and much then you’ll need to upgrade to premium which is $9.99/month. This app is great for those who don’t have equipment but want more customization with a workout plan.

I use this app only for the free workouts and the flexibility to set how long I can workout. This will give you a good workout no matter how much time you have.


10 best apps for home fitness

10 best apps for home fitness


The 7 Minute Workout is the perfect app if you want to get a quickie in! It trains all the major muscle groups and uses minimal equipment. You can repeat the workout as many times as you would like for more of a challenge.

For a quick workout while traveling, at the office, or when you just don’t have time, then this is your app. The only down side is there is one workout, that’s it. But the good news is that there is an alternative workout and advanced workout that will only cost you $4.99. That’s it! No monthly subscription or anything like that. If you just want to buy the alternative workout it’s $1.99. The perk with buying Pro is that you get all future workouts and exercises they come out with for free.



I found out about Trifecta through my boyfriend Andrew. He’s my favorite workout buddy and I feel like he knows his fitness app stuff. So Trifecta has a lot going on. It has a workout library that’s free, fitness articles, and recipe ideas.

This app is more for advanced exercise goers and is all “CrossFit” style workouts. The perks are that all the workouts are free but they don’t show any of the moves (you can look them up in the app though), they don’t have a timer or any kind of tracker. So you’re pretty much on your own with this app.

Also, if you’re into tracking your macros then this a great app. The premium version ($4.17/month billed annually) of Trifecta gives you an ad free experience, HD movement videos, members only Facebook group, workout logs and much more. So if you have access to CrossFit equipment or a full gym then I would highly recommend this app.


10 best apps for home fitness

10 best apps for home fitness


Oh Tone It Up! I love TIU and the workouts are kick ass. Last year they upgraded their app which used to consist of community section, daily moves, and weekly schedule. Now it’s called Studio Tone It Up where they make it easier to do your workouts all in one place. Studio TIU costs $12.99/month or $6.99/month if you pay yearly. This is definitely a very affordable price if you think about gym and specialty studio costs.

So here’s my only issue…what about all those videos that I bought through TIU for the bikini series throughout the years. Now they don’t even incorporate them into the weekly schedule which kinda blows if you have those videos. But I guess it’s smart on their part and from a business perspective so I’ve come to terms with it because I love the workouts and Karina + Katrina.




Seconds is a different type of workout app and has no workouts. Yep, no workouts. But let me explain! You know those pins or workouts in magazines that you find and you have to write them down or keep you phone open to keep track of what you’re doing? Well this app helps you with that.

You can create your own timers for your own workouts. From circuit training, intervals, or just your own workout, you can create a timer for that. So if you’re more of a self motivated, don’t need no app person then try out Seconds. It’s free with no strings attached.


10 best apps for home fitness

10 best apps for home fitness


Another seven minute workout app but geared more for women. There are 5 seven minute workouts that are specific to muscle groups. So 7 Minute Butt, 7 Minute Abs, etc.

This app also has 10 additional workouts that range from 7 minutes to 15 minutes. It shows you how to do the move using cute little graphics and all the workouts come with a timer. I like to use this app for core workouts to add to my daily workouts. I always have a hard time finding good core workouts in apps so that’s what I primarily use this one for.

It’s completely free too!



Kayla Itsines is the creator of Bikini Body Guides or BBG. I’m sure you’ve seen this on social media at some point. Well that’s how I found Sweat by Kayla. I was looking for a quick workout that I can fit in that required little equipment. This app was perfect.

This app sets out a schedule for you and you workout different muscle groups each day plus LISS (cardio) on other days. I really like the layout of this app and there are also healthy recipes, weekly challenges, progress tracking area, and other specific exercise libraries.

Sweat is another monthly membership app and costs $19.99/month or $9.99/month if you do the yearly subscription. I really thing this app is amazing and provides quick, effective, and fun workouts.


10 best apps for home fitness

Well that’s all I have for you! 10 apps that I have tried out and feel that are the best whether they are free or paid. When selecting an app, ask yourself some questions. What are your goals? What equipment do you have? What’s your budget? These questions will help you select the best ones.

If you’re looking for this to be your primary source of exercise workouts and routines then you might want to invest more a month than someone who is just looking to add new moves and workouts to an already existing membership. Try apps out, take advantage of 30-day trials if they have them and have fun!

xx // christine


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