Boho Christmas Decor Inspiration

It’s almost Christmas and I can freaking believe it. We are finally setting up our Christmas decorations and tree this weekend and I’m so excited. I’m in love with nostalgic Christmas decor and bohemian inspired looks. I have quite a bit of Christmas item passed on to me from my grandma so I like to incorporate those into my current style.

Today I wanted to share with you some boho Christmas decor inspiration and products I’ve found around the web. I also have a fun DIY coming at you inspired by this tapestry!

Boho Christmas Decor Inspo

boho christmas decor inspiration
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Tapestry | Twinkle Lights

NO. 1 Christmas Tree Tapestry

First up is this adorable Christmas Tree Tapestry. I’m obsessed with this thing and if I didn’t have time to try to make it myself I would have bought it. I love all the different materials used and it has such a bohemian feel. Keep an eye out on the blog to see my attempt at making this. ?

boho christmas decor inspiration
Source: Pinterest

Fairy Lights | Glass Dome Option 1 | Glass Dome Option 2 | Faux Sprigs

NO. 2 Fairy Lights in Glass Dome

This is such a cute decor idea! I love the added extra boho flair with the feather.

twig star with lights
Source: Houzz

Twig Star | Tiny Globe Lights | Deer Figurine

NO. 3 Twig Star with Lights

All you really need are some tiny globe lights and a twig star. This would be super cute on a mantle or on a shelf with some photos.

boho christmas decor inspiration
Source: wordsareforwriters.com

No. 4 Simple Pine Sprig Wall Hanging

I’m all for DIY’s and I think this is the cutest idea! Head over to Words Are For Writers for the full tutorial! 🙂

boho christmas decor inspiration
Source: CountryLiving

No. 5 Floral Tree

This is the cutest thing ever. Just head to the floral section at Michael and pick out your favorite blooms. I think I would choose more festive colored flowers like red and white but I love this idea.


boho christmas decor inspiration
Source: Apartment Therapy

No. 6 Mini Tree in Basket

I would love to have another tree in my bedroom. I think this is so cute and I love the idea of the pine scent in my room.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little round up! I can’t wait to decorate this weekend. Have you decorated yet? I’m sure you have, haha, because most people do it before Thanksgiving. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy Holidays!



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